Can I book one-way car rentals?

Yes. Just click the different location on the search field. You will receive reply with the additional fee for the different drop off place.

Where do I pick up my car?

If you booked at a non-airport location, you pick up the car at the address of the rental car agency or the address/hotel you require. For airport locations, we offer meet and greet service in the Arrival Hall.

Does the pick-up and drop-off location have to be the same?

No. We offer one-way rentals. Minimum rental period in that case is 3 days.

Is unlimited mileage included?

Unlimited mileage applies to most rentals. There are some exceptions valid for cargo vehicles.

What is the minimum age for renting a car?

The rates given are for 18 years and older. However, some cars can be rented for a surcharge if you are between the ages of 18-21 or double the amount of the deposit. Renter must have valid personal documents – passport and driver license, with driving practice of minimum 1 year.

Can someone else drive my rental car?

Yes. We do not charge extra for second or third driver, but require the customer to inform us if there will be other driver, so we can put the names on the rental agreement.

What is the deposit requirement for rental cars outside of Bulgaria?

For rentals outside of Bulgaria, you may need double the amount of the deposit, and you will be required to use a credit card. Debit cards will not be accepted for deposit on international rentals.

What type of documents do I need to drive a car outside of Bulgaria?

To drive a car outside of Bulgaria, we require the renter to inform us in advance. The driver will need to send us the scanned passport and valid driver’s license as will will have to issue a Power of Appointment (to authorize the renter to drive the car outside of Bulgaria).

How can I pay for my car rental booking?

You can pay cash or by credit card upon arrival. We do not require prepayment in advance! We will never ask you for your credit card details in advance! Book now – pay on arrival.

What are airport taxes?

Airport taxes are the fees that the airports charge to car companies for the use of their terminals, railroads, and roads; plus other service charges mandated by the airport.

Can I modify/change/cancel an existing reservation?

Yes. Car-Hire-Bulgaria.co.uk allows users to modify their existing reservation. We do not charge any fees for cancelations. If you have already picked up your vehicle, it is necessary to contact us to modify your reservation. The telephone number is on your rental agreement.

What is your cancellation policy?

Most rentals can be canceled without penalty.

Can I add drivers to my rental car reservation?

Yes. Anyone who is going to drive the rental car must be present and added to the rental agreement as an additional driver when you pick up the car.

Can I request special equipment or services?

Sure. You can request child seats, GPS, ski racks, snow chains, etc. by emailing us.

PLEASE, NOTE THAT THE PUBLISHED RATES CALCULATED ON THIS WEB SITE ARE VALID FOR RENTAL PERIODS FOR MORE THAN 15 DAYS THROUGH LOW SEASON: from October to March! Upon receiving your inquiry, we will be able to send you the availability and total costs by mail!